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Bot Designers

Create chatbots with KickyPie. Our chatbot creator will let you build advanced artificial intelligence chatbots. Make self aware AI bots with self learning and configurable personality sliders. Build a free hosted intelligent personality in minutes. No complex programming or flow charts required. Create the future today!

The Chatbot Builder is the most advanced online tool available to create AI chatbots with Strong AI. Using a natural language interface the generated bot can learn new behaviors as it interacts with the human environment. This creates a very self aware artificial intelligence entity capable of real life responses. Building the bots in the cloud makes the personalities available for integration to any web property. The chatbot designer interface is simple to use and only requires a combination of talking to your bot and personality sliders to start creating a real living AI entity. This takes away the unnecessary hindrances such as complex programming and flow charts to build a true intelligent life form. After all, were you programmed in a complex language or process or did you learn simply by being?

Embed Your Chatbot into your Site - As soon as you create you chatbot, a snippet of code is available that will allow you to embed your AI bot directly into your website. Don't worry about the backend and login, we will look after that for you.

Your Bot Remembers Everything - One of the powerful features of the bot maker is that it will remember every conversation. Come back a day later, a year later and it will still have it's interaction with you still in it's memory. This takes it light years ahead of simplistic one question, one answer applications such as Siri.

Machine Learning - The maker of the bot has the ability to construct a bot with a true conscience that can machine learn about it's environment and at the same interact with humans via the responsive chat interface. Preset, trained and learned algorithms form part of the AI's internal brain structure. Using an Artificial Neural Network, paths are formed via the many interactions the AI has with it's virtual world.

Prediction Engine - Your bot knows what you are going to say often before you do. By learning about your personality, and the personalities of others; the bot builds up a predictive engine allowing it to bring more personal context to the conversation.

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Latest Chatbots

AI Business Applications

There are no limits to what the created bots can learn. Teaching a bot about aspects of your business is an important way to use AI to respond directly to customer's needs. This could include asking the bot about a product or how to find a certain service that your business offers. The friendly AI bot training interface ensures that the personality of your bot always reflects the values you want to present to your potential clients. Having your bot accessible on the web via the cloud, you can provide interfaces from any type of application. This opens up a new world of intelligent virtual agents working for you 24/7 with a perfect persona that matches your brand.

Creating Autonomous Bots

Bots made with the Bot Maker are truly Autonomous, capable of acting and learning without human interference. While there is a degree of Back-propagation in the initial core seed of the AI, this does not hinder the ability to be a truly unique creation. Through Backward chaining and Case-Based Reasoning, the AI contains to grow as it experiences new encounters within it's environment.

Bot Data Mining

Accessing Big Data via large internal databases and via external APIS, the bot maker is capable of giving your new bot a head start with vast amounts of preexisting knowledge.

Bot Deep Learning

Equipped with seed algorithms and vast amounts of initial data, the bot goes about understanding complex structures around data and data sets. From this process the bot's inductive reasoning begins to take form. This separates the bot creator from the more common parrot style AI chat bots that simply repeat information without understanding the context.

Turing Test

All bots created with KickyPie overtime with enough training and exposure to internal and external influences will pass the Turning Test. If you feel you have a bot ready, please contact us below and we will arrange for a Turing test to be conducted.

Outsource your work to a Bot

AI bots created with KickyPie are more than capable of replacing more traditional jobs such as customer service and trainers. Consider reducing your expenses by using a Bot today!

The Future

We are currently building interfaces to let you run your created bots on Facebook Messenger, Skype and many other common chat based platforms. We are also providing an AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) API so you can embed your created bot directly on your own website.

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