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Certificate Designers

Get started with the only 100% free certificate designer on the web. No hidden costs and nothing to pay ever! Create unlimited amazing and original printable certificates using the free online certificate designer templates. Certificates are great for awarding work well done or on the completion of a study activity. We have a large range of certificates to choose from that you can award to those that have reached their goals. Our collection of certificate makers are completely free and let you make anything from a simple design to a complex and professional design.

Presenting a certificate to somebody can make them feel recognised, treasured and appreciated. Presenting a Certificate to somebody is a great way to give them the recognition they deserve. How you design your certificate is up to you. You can create a formal and professional certificate or you can make something playful, funny and sweet. KickyPie templates have 100s of professionally designed templates that you can edit and download ready to present at your next award ceremony.

The category selection of certificates is vast ranging from recognition, attendance, completion and many more types of certificate templates. There is also a great range of designs you can edit for winners of contests, competitions and sporting events. A popular use of the certificate designs is allowing companies and employers to express appreciation and recognition towards high achieving and loyal workers, managers and employees. Categories such as Best Team, Employee of the Month, Manager of the Year, Best Intern, Salesperson of the Year, Most Loyal Employee and many more are ready for you to get designing. When it come to education certificates and awards we have you covered. Present students and children academic achievement awards, certificates of excellence, best student and many more designs created for the classroom, schools and universities.

Create the perfect certificate with the free KickyPie designer templates. Choose from a huge range of background and borders to make a unique design that will impress. The range of stock backgrounds include solid colours, images and a large collection of textures. The images are free to use and we have a huge range. In addition you can upload your own images, photos and graphics to place on your design. Once you have finished your design you can download your certificate, share it on social media or send a printable version to your printer.

Select your Certificate Designer and Start Creating your Certificate

How to Create a Certificate Design with the Designer Templates

Certificates are essential in every organisation, sporting team and classroom and when you want to say thanks to somebody for extra effort or achievement, an email or a pat on the back is not enough. You need to award them with something that will be a reminder of their achievements and success anytime they look at it. The best way to reward a person or even encourage them is to present a certificate. Use KickyPie to make beautiful certificates for free that you can instantly generate, share, print and present. With KickyPie's certificate designers you don't have to pay to use the website and better still you don't have to pay somebody else to do it. With KickyPie you are the designer!

The KickyPie templates allow you to create, share and print certificates easily and to express your creativity. The following is a guide that teaches how to create a free certificate using any design and style you wish.

Step 1: Select a ceritifcate template. Click on the certificate you wish to design. This will launch the designer in your browser window.

Step 2: Choose the Size you want for your Certificate. By using the Canvas Size option you can select a huge range of sizes for your design. This includes US letter, A4 and the option for landscape or portrait designs.

Step 3: Select a Background for your Certificate. Use the Images menu option for selecting a background. There is a huge range of photos and images you can use as the background for your certificate, You can also choose to have a plain background if you wish.

Step 4: Change the Page Border. Use the Images menu option for selecting a border. Borders make your certificate unique and give it a professional look. We also have some fun borders for that different type of certificate.

Step 5: Insert Clipart. Use the Images menu option to select clipart. There is a great range of clipart from the stock images that you can user on your designs to make a truly unique picture.





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