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Resize Photo Designer

Resize Photo Designer

Resize Photo Designer
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Top Tip: To resize a photo. Upload your photo as a Background and then resize the entire canvas.

About the Resize Photo Designer Template

How to Design a Resize Photo

Resizing a photo with the Photo Resize tool is easy. Click on the [Images] option to upload your photo as a background then use the [Size] menu option to change the size. Once you are happy, simply download or share on social media. The image resizing tool will also allow you to add additional items such as text and images to your resized image. Resizing a picture will maintain all the elements within the photo. You can also apply image effects to your new resized picture. You new image dimensions will be in high resolution to maintain the perfect picture finish. This is great for printable images and also for a professional finish.

Some great ideas for using the image resizing tool are for taking large photos and making them into a smaller size for social media such as photos on Facebook or sharing on Twitter. Many sites have a restriction to the size of an image so being able to change the size of your original print is a great feature to have. On the other side of the coin, Some sites such as Google require media types such as thumbnails to be larger than the normal aspect ratio. Making you clipart larger you can then easily upload your image for processing by the respective image processing sites.

In addition to resizing just one photo or image, the image resizing tool can also let you upload a number of images and then resize multiple images to fit on one canvas. You would do this by upload each image as type 'image' rather than just one image as a background. This might be great for something like creating a family portrait with lots of individual images. You could even add a nice border to your resized design.

Resize Photo Designing Tips

Since you are working on an illustration template, why not add some cool text and images? Browse the clipart library for old style images.

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